How to Help

We Need Your Help

With the current opposition to the course, we are calling on all alumni to help us preserve the Elements of Politicsfor future generations. There are several ways we are counting on you to help:

Checked box symbol Sign the Petition (It takes less than one minute and demonstrates your support for the cause).
Checked box symbol Send this website to everyone you know!
Checked box symbol Write a letter and email it. Write a letter to Chancellor Thorp, to Karen Gil (Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences), and to Dean Jim Leloudis (Associate Dean for Honors). Guidelines are here, including how to address and deliver it.  If you prefer, you can upload your letter here or email it to us, and we will pass it on to the administrators.
Checked box symbol Give the Dean a Book. Share with the Dean your favorite part about Elements of Politics: the assigned reading!
Checked box symbol Post a testimonial on “Students Speak That’s easy since you’ve already written your letter to the Chancellor – post a compelling excerpt!
Checked box symbol Join the Registry We want to keep you informed about our current progress.
Checked box symbol Connect us to others. Do you know someone who might be able to help? Tell us about them here. (Examples: Senior Administrators, Members of the Honor’s Advisory Board, Parents serving on the Parents Council, DTH Reporters/Editors, etc.)
Checked box symbol Email us any photos. Send us photos from class events you have. We’ll post them on the Homepage.
X in box symbol Re-read your Republic. You know you’ve missed it. Thank you for your support.

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