The Second Annual Goldberg Symposium is scheduled for January 16-17, 2016! More information is available on the Symposium page.

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This site is hosted by a group of current and former students of Dr. Larry Goldberg, a UNC-CH professor who teaches an 8-semester “greats” course called the Elements of Politics.  We created this site to spread the word about his phenomenal teaching and to coordinate support for making sure the courses continue — currently they are scheduled to be cut by 50%.

University administrators have responded to our initial inquiries by reiterating the tight budget argument and pointing out that Goldberg will still be able to teach two courses a year, rather than the five or six that he usually teaches. We are therefore ramping up our efforts to show them how important it is that Dr. Goldberg be able to teach as much as possible for as long as possible (and get paid a fair wage).

If you are a former student and support our efforts, please visit the How to Help page on this website.

If you want to become involved organizing alumni or need access to the discussion board please contact us directly.

January 17-18, 2015